Knights Fall To Davison 95-69


By: Andrew Phegley (Orlando, FL 11/25/14)

      The Knights, lead by Kasey Wilson and Daiquan Walker started off strong and jumped out to a 11-5 lead at 15:56 of the first half. B.J. Taylor steeped awkwardly on his ankle around the 12 minute mark, and was taken to the bench for treatment. Davison then took advantage of second chance points and points from turnovers to lead The Knights by a score of 23-21 with 8:56 to play in the first half and never looked back.

      Jack Gibbs, number 12 for the Davison squad lead the assault and put on a clinic for the young Knights with 22 first half points and finished the game with 37. Tyler Kalinoski turned it on in the second half and scored 25 points and 8 rebounds.

      As for the Knights offense, junior guard Daiquan Walker scored 15 points followed by freshman Adonys Henriquez with 14, and senior Kasey Wilson with 13. Shaheed Davis lead on the defensive side with 6 rebounds.

      Kasey Wilson was asked “How do you move on from a loss like this?” "You can't dwell on something like that because if we did that would cause another loss and another. You can't do that. We've got to be on to the next one. Give credit to them. They're a really good basketball team. A really good coach. We've just got to come back Friday and just go hard in practice and Saturday too. Just get ready for the next opponent."

      Daiquan Walker said after the game. "We're a young team. When we see B.J. went down, some of the players on our team sometimes just sit back and watch B.J. because when he gets it going he's a real good scorer. When he went down, I guess we kind of looked over and put our heads down. I'm trying my best to take it upon myself to play defense and try to just be there for the team as much as possible."

      Head coach Donnie Jones was asked about leadership from players like Kasey Wilson. "It's important for Kasey, but you can be a freshman and lead too. Age is not a requirement for leadership. I think these guys have got to experience some things. You can never tell the true test of your team until you've had adversity. Every team is going to go through it. Look across college basketball, they're getting beat by teams they say they shouldn't lose to who have a lot of great players. It's how we recover, how we handle it, how we regroup, how we cheer each other on. Those are the things I talked about in the locker room. Now I'm going to find out the integrity of who we are as a group, how we handle success, how we handle defeat. We'll come back and learn from that on Friday. That will tell a lot about this team."

      Coach Jones also talked about the injury to B.J. Taylor. "He hit his ankle pretty good. I don't know how bad it's going to be. Obviously it was so bad he tried to come back for the second half but he just couldn't do it. Hopefully we've got a little time here to get some treatment and get him back because obviously he's an important piece, another guy that can create and get to the rim."

      He then commented on the difficulties of getting the ball inside: "They were doubling in the post. That was different for Steph. No matter how much you work on that in practice sometimes it's different when it happens in the game. That was the first time he experienced somebody doubling him. He's not a great passer. He's got to learn to handle that better. There was a lot of things we didn't do great tonight that we'll learn from and be able to get better with. That will be one of them. We've got to continue to get inside. It was a hard game ot play Justin. Just a match up standpoint, the five man was on the perimeter more than he was on the post. Just a hard match up. Not that he's done anything wrong. His time will come with the right teams. He's just got to stay positive."

     The Knights have the opportunity to get back on the right track with a home game against in state rival Bathune Cookman on Sunday at 6pm at CFE arena.